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247TailorSteel is working in the sheet steel machining industry for over 15 years. 247TailorSteel supplies customized laser-cut sheet and tube material, and has benefited from the use of a laser cutting machines since 1978. By 2015, thousands of customers have taken advantage of the 247TailorSteel portal, Sophia®, to order customized laser-cut sheets and tubes online.

Premium machine park

247TailorSteel started with 2 Trumpf 5-kW laser machines in 2007. Today, we use more than 88 TRUMPF flatbed lasers, 18 Adige tube laser cutting machines, 52 ToolCell bending machines, and 12 deburring machines; 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Meanwhile, we produce out of six locations; Varsseveld (NL), Oud Gastel (NL), Oyten (GER), Hilden (GER), Langenau (GER) and Hooglede (BE). 

Various AGV systems transport different types of plate material to the laser cutting machine loading stations, which automatically loads and unloads the plates. The cutting dimensions are generated directly from your order. This system is not only quick and flexible but is also extremely efficient.

Energy-efficient production processes

Energy consumption at 247TailorSteel is significantly lower than that of other laser cutting facilities. The recent development of a nesting technique for processing multiple orders also significantly reduces the amount of wasted material. As a result, 247TailorSteel can offer top-quality sheet steel laser customizations.

Smart Bending Factory

247TailorSteel is part of the ‘Smart Bending Factory’ field lab, in which an ultramodern, physical metal machining factory is set up. In this factory, companies can share knowledge, experience, and resources for the joint operation of machining processes. Customers can order fully digitalized products online, with the assurance that one product costs the same individually as it would within a series of 500.

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