Factory automation

Nowadays, everything has to be faster, better and less expensive. The innovative machine park at 247TailorSteel is fully prepared for this. Since ordering requires no human interaction, error margins are kept to a minimum. Thanks to our premium digital process, we are able to work quickly and efficiently for an optimal end result.

Order online 24/7

Factory automation means you can order tailor-made products online, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. From as little as one item to the production of a complete series. The flatbed lasers, bending machines and tube lasers are ready for you.

AGV and robots

The logistics processes in our machine park are carried out by AGVs and robots. An AGV is an automated guide vehicle, which at 247TailorSteel means that the AGVs automatically transport the plate and tube material to the laser cutting machine loading station. The laser cutting machines are then automatically loaded by the robots. The cutting dimensions are generated directly from your digital order. The intelligent and user-friendly tool Sophia® is not only quick and flexible but also extremely efficient.

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