On demand. On time.


The internal and external logistics facilities of 247TailorSteel are highly automated. Through factory automation in our innovative machine park, we are able to work quickly and efficiently for an optimal end result. In addition, 247TailorSteel has its own vehicle fleet in The Netherlands, which guarantees a delivery reliability rate of practically 100%. Besides delivery, it is also possible to pick up an order.

Internal logistics

The logistics processes for our machines are carried out by AGVs and robots. An AGV is an automated guide vehicle, which at 247TailorSteel means that the AGVs automatically transport the plate and piping material to the laser cutting machines. The laser cutting machines are then automatically loaded by the robots. The cutting dimensions are generated directly from your digital order. The intelligent and user-friendly tool Sophia® is not only quick and flexible but also extremely efficient.

Own vehicle fleet

The highly trusted delivery reliability rating is guaranteed in part by the logistics vehicle fleet of 247TailorSteel in The Netherlands. The vehicle fleet is supported by state-of-the-art planning software, which ensures an efficient logistics process. The drivers of 247TailorSteel are ready for you and know what concerns our clients.


Vehicle fleet - 247TailorSteel

Would you like more information about the logistics facilities of 247TailorSteel? Just contact us via sales@247tailorsteel.com or +31 315 270 375. We are happy to help!