My name is Geertjan Mateman

"Before I worked here, I was already a little familiar with the company because I - as someone from Varsseveld - often passed it. The fact that something was always going on here stood out to me, so I went to the website to see what exactly it was that they did. It seemed like a great, unique company, so then I went to apply for a job.

Young and innovative

That was actually a long time ago; the company had only been around for about three years. When I came to apply, I was sold on this place very quickly. I thought it was a young and innovative company. What makes it unique, of course, is the concept: clients can log in online, have a quote within a minute, and then their order can be put into production. It’s really great.

Shipping off

At the time, we had about 40 to 50 employees and initially, I mainly assisted with one of the laser cutting machines. After that, I soon started to work on it independently, but because I have a logistics background and the shipping department was expanded, I was given the chance to start working there. They didn’t require any commitment from me. In particular, I had to consider what suited me best, but I figured that out quickly. And I have been in the “outgoing” department ever since. Everything that comes out of production is sorted by us. An order can consist of several material types and as soon as production has completed everything, we can go and pick the orders. Next, everything is processed into the administration, including transport, and we load the trucks.

Investing in health

We work with good tools, because the company always invests in them. These investments include high-quality stackers, internal transport methods, and ergonomic improvements, since we deal with heavy products. They will never skimp on our health. Even simple courses on how to lift items make all the difference sometimes. It helps you become aware of your posture, so that is always good.

All in all, the 'human element' is what defines 247TailorSteel. You realize that you are appreciated and simply put, you are treated well. If you get involved and go that extra mile every once in a while, you always get something in return. You get the chance to do something different within the organization, too, if that’s what you want. For example, I am participating in an internal training program to work here as a planner. There are always opportunities along the way."

All in all, the 'human element' is what defines 247TailorSteel. You realize that you are appreciated and simply put, you are treated well.

Geertjan Mateman


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