My name is Axel Kuska

"I have been employed for the longest of all the drivers. And that is quite remarkable when you consider that I have only been a driver here since January 2017. Before that, I had been working in the warehouse for about four years and occasionally I drove to clients with a van or a BE truck. That is a smaller truck that does not require a special truck driver's license. If you look at our vehicle fleet now, with nine of our own trucks, you realize how quickly it happened.

Driver in the making

At one point, I was asked if I wanted to become a truck driver. That seemed worthwhile to me and the training was paid for entirely by the company. And now? Now, I really enjoy it. It is really different from my previous position in the company, because I rarely have colleagues around me. On the other hand, I can sing along with the radio all day without anyone complaining. I actually did a lot of different things before I started working at 247TailorSteel. I have been a roofer, a planner, and bread delivery man, and I even worked at a boarding school. But as soon as I became “too familiar” with my work, it would stop being a challenge for me. That has yet to happen here.

An average day

I start early in the morning, the truck is already loaded, and between four and five in the afternoon I am back at the shop again. My colleagues and I ride all over the country, including some stretches of Germany every now and again, like when we travel to Limburg. Of course, we have regular clientele who see us often. It’s almost a given that they won’t let you leave without having a cup of coffee first. But it always amazes me how many new clients are being added all the time. On average, I deliver to roughly 12 to 15 customers per day, which is around 450 kilometers per day.

Happiness is contagious

It might sound like a bit of an exaggeration, but the clients are always very happy when we stop by. They greet you with a smile, which puts you in a better mood. It’s just contagious. They think that what we’ve done with Sophia is really special. ‘It’s unbelievable that no one else has come up with this yet,’ is something I have heard many a time.
I find it hard to describe the atmosphere at 247TailorSteel There is a certain light-heartedness and relaxed attitude here, even though a lot of work is being done. People are given the freedom to do their jobs and they take responsibility for their own work. This creates a positive environment at the company. That’s how I’d describe it."

I find it hard to describe the atmosphere at 247TailorSteel. There is a certain light-heartedness and relaxed attitude here, even though a lot of work is being done.

Axel Kuska


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