• Aluminium - EN AW-6060 T66 - round

Material Aluminum
Material type Tube

Available sizes

  • 120x3 mm
  • 110x3 mm
  • 100x3 mm
  • 100x2 mm
  • 95x2.5 mm
  • 90x3 mm
  • 90x2.5 mm
  • 80x3 mm
  • 80x2.5 mm
  • 80x2 mm
  • 80x1.5 mm
  • 76x3 mm
  • 75x2 mm
  • 70x3 mm
  • 75x2.5 mm
  • 70x2 mm
  • 70x1.5 mm
  • 63x3 mm
  • 60x3 mm
  • 60x2.5 mm
  • 60x2 mm
  • 60x1.5 mm
  • 55x2.5 mm
  • 54x2 mm
  • 54x1.5 mm
  • 50x3 mm
  • 50x2.5 mm
  • 50x2 mm
  • 48x3 mm
  • 48x2 mm
  • 45x3 mm
  • 42x3 mm
  • 42x2 mm
  • 42x1.5 mm
  • 40x3 mm
  • 40x2.5 mm
  • 40x2 mm
  • 40x1.5 mm
  • 38x2.6 mm
  • 38x1.5 mm
  • 35x3 mm
  • 35x2.5 mm
  • 35x2 mm
  • 35x1.5 mm
  • 33x3 mm
  • 32x3 mm
  • 32x2 mm
  • 32x1.5 mm
  • 30x3 mm
  • 30x2.5 mm
  • 30x2 mm
  • 30x1.5 mm
  • 28x2 mm
  • 28x1.5 mm
  • 27x2 mm
  • 25x3 mm
  • 25x2.5 mm
  • 25x2 mm
  • 25x1.5 mm
  • 22x2.5 mm
  • 22x2 mm
  • 22x1.5 mm
  • 20x3 mm
  • 20x2.5 mm
  • 20x2 mm
  • 20x1.5 mm

Machining at 247TailorSteel

Tube laser cutting

You can count on the tailor-made laser cutting of tubes at 247TailorSteel. Our Adige tube lasers process your order accurately and at high speed. These machines then become flexible extensions of your own production or assembly.

Tube laser cutting at 247TailorSteel

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