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Metals - steel - 247TailorSteel


Steel is a collective term for iron-carbon alloys that are easily malleable and contain a limited amount of carbon. Due to the many combinations of elements, different preparation methods, multiple applications and varied properties, the number of types of steel is particularly large. You can have your steel products custom-cut with the premium laser cutting machines of 247TailorSteel. In addition to cut-work, you can also have steel sheet materials bent and deburred. 

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Metals - stainless steel - 247TailorSteel

Stainless steel

At 247TailorSteel, you can have stainless steel products custom made. Stainless steel (SS) is a hardened and tempered metal. Stainless steel, also called inox, is an alloy that is resistant to corrosion in many environments. Do you want to laser cut, bend or deburr stainless steel products? We have different varieties of stainless steel in stock for you. 

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Metals - aluminum - 247TailorSteel


In the ultramodern machine park of 247TailorSteel you can have aluminum sheet material cut to size, bent and deburred. Aluminum is a durable and lightweight metal, which means that considerable weight savings can be achieved. In addition, aluminum is strong, corrosion-resistant, easy to machine and a good conductor of heat and electricity. 

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