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Transparency is one of our six core values and precisely what the updates run on provide. Visitors will gain even more insight into our company. Our machine park is presented in full, while we simultaneously provide a visual depiction of the operations that we carry out with it for our clients. All of the materials that are available from us are displayed clearly in the “Overview of Materials” section, which has been completely updated. And thanks to handy filters, you can navigate through these materials easily.

We paid a lot of attention to the “Working for 247TailorSteel” section. We hope that this important section of our website will help us find the reinforcements that we are busy looking for. It includes testimonies from our own professionals, as they relate what it is like to work at 247TailorSteel in general and provide more details about their own roles and departments. Our future colleagues could not ask for a better, more concrete picture.

Even the online presence of 247TailorSteel reinforces our position as the pioneer of innovation in the metal industry—something of which we could not be more proud!

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