Expansion of edge finishing options

22-02-2023 News

For several years, we have offered deburring, an extra option that you can select when ordering. In this process, edge breaking on one side is used to remove burrs and sharp edges. 247TailorSteel is now expanding this Sophia® service by offering edge breaking on both sides. It will be possible to find all these services on our website and other channels under the common term ‘edge finishing’.

Edge breaking on both sides

Until recently, although it was possible to have most materials finished using one of our edge finishing machines, it was impossible to choose between one side or both sides. This depended on the material ordered. Our Sophia® software has recently been updated and now offers you the option of choosing which type of edge breaking you wish: burr side or both sides. This edge finishing option can now also be chosen for almost all our sheet materials. Tread plate and brass are the only materials for which edge finishing is not available.

With edge breaking, excess burrs are removed from the cutting edge that arises during the laser cutting process. In this edge finishing process, a brush passes over the material surface and removes the burrs. This ensures that your product will not have sharp edges. Edge breaking burr side only deburrs the underside of the plate, while edge breaking both sides deburrs the top and underside.

247TailorSteel’s edge finishing machines

At least two edge finishing machines can be found at each production facility, so your product can be finished immediately after laser cutting. We have a total of twelve machines from Lissmac, Timesaver and Q-Fin. This allows us to strictly separate materials during the edge breaking process.

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