Custom sheets

At 247TailorSteel your metal plate is quickly and efficiently processed according to your wishes. We use very precise laser-cutting technology. Our high-quality CNC-controlled laser-cutting systems from TRUMPF are equipped with the latest cutting technology and are configured automatically. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to produce your custom-cut sheet metal.

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Custom sheets

Laser cutting: the best technology for custom-cut plates

There are several processing techniques for customising metal plate. 247TailorSteel is THE metal laser-cutting specialist. Laser cutting is extremely accurate. This processing technology ensures a particularly narrow cutting width and allows for complex shapes to be cut. High-precision profiles and small holes are cut with high precision. The almost angled cutting edge is extremely clean and has extraordinary small grooves and trailing lines, and (almost) no slag.

Advantages of laser-cutting technology

  • High cutting speed and precision
  • Small cutting width (even with thicker metals)
  • Clean-cut edges
  • Allows for cutting extremely complex contours
  • Sheets and tubes can also be cut by laser
Your metal plate is custom-made at once via Sophia®

Your metal plate is custom-made at once via Sophia®

Sophia® stands between you and our state-of-the-art machinery. She is your personal online assistant, allowing you to order your custom-cut sheets in no time at all. Thanks to her, you can benefit from 247TailorSteel as an extension of your own production. There are no high investment costs, depreciation or maintenance costs, just advanced machinery.

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Save time and money with Sophia®

  • 99,7% delivery reliability
  • Fast and efficient
  • Flexible quantities from 1 piece
  • Offers in real time
  • Order online 24/7

Custom-cut sheet metal parts

Large selection of custom-cut plates

247TailorSteel can custom-cut various types of metal plates with high precision using laser. We also cut custom-made stainless-steel and aluminium sheets. We can laser cut in total more than thirty types of custom-cut sheet metal.

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