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Laser machining technologies

247TailorSteel uses various machining technologies for the free-form laser cutting of metal sheet and tube material. These include CO₂ laser cutting and fiber laser cutting, but laser cutting with oxygen and nitrogen are also some of the processing technologies available. The machining technology is selected based on the type of material used and its thickness. This enables you to always profit from optimum precision and efficiency.

With the machining technology laser cutting, it is important to take the following into account: when multiple contours are cut into the material, this produces fair amount of heat. This may cause the tolerances to deviate. This can also result in discolouring of the material.

CO₂ laser cutting

CO₂ laser cutting is a machining method with an electrical gas laser. Laser cutting with oxygen or nitrogen is also possible with CO₂ laser cutting.  This cutting technique is very precise and offers a great deal of shaping possibilities, which makes it possible to cut even complicated shapes. CO₂ laser cutting results in a smoother result. In addition, CO₂ laser cutting is suitable when cutting sheet material up to 25 mm thick. 

Oxygen laser cutting

Oxygen laser cutting can be used for both CO₂ laser cutting and fiber laser cutting. When laser cutting with oxygen, a high cutting speed is achieved and thicker materials can be laser cut. One disadvantage of cutting with oxygen is that an oxide film develops on the cut surface, and this can break off. This is not desirable if the products are to be re-worked without pretreatment (blasting).

Fiber laser cutting

Fiber laser cutting is a machining technology with a laser source that consists of a long, thin fiber. Laser cutting with oxygen or nitrogen is also possible with fiber laser cutting. Fiber laser cutting is an efficient machining technology with a high speed and, at the same time, a low use of energy. The fiber laser cutting machine is entirely automated so that adjusting for the desired material takes very little. 

Nitrogen laser cutting

Nitrogen laser cutting can be used for both CO₂ laser cutting and fiber laser cutting. With nitrogen laser cutting, a clean cutting surface without oxide film is created. A few disadvantages of cutting with nitrogen is that the cutting surfaces are sometimes less smooth and some burring is possible. In addition, there is more splashes on the underside of the product than when cutting using oxygen. 

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