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247TailorSteel contact details


The Netherlands

247TailorSteel B.V.
Markenweg 11
7051 HS Varsseveld
The Netherlands
+31 315 270 375


247TailorSteel GmbH
Margarete-Steiff-Straße 13
28876 Oyten
+49 421 696 75 247


Fabrieksstraat 145
3900 Overpelt 
+32 11 922 404


Maarten van den Dungen
+31 681 509 917

Smart Industry

Smart Industry, also called Industry 4.0, focuses on the application of new production technologies and ICT in business processes. The design, manufacturing and distribution of products in the industry is continuously changing. Smart Industry anticipates these changes. 247TailorSteel is an initiator/founder of the ‘Smart Bending Factory’.

Smart Bending Factory

The field lab ‘Smart Bending Factory’ strives to bring together non-competing Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in the metal processing and machining sector in a network environment and to collaborate with each other in an integrated manner. Non-strategic machining processes are joined in a physical factory. The key results: 

  • reducing the ‘total cost of ownership’ in the entire chain by at least 20%;
  • accelerating the ‘time to market’ by a factor of 5, delivery of weeks to days.

View the Smart Bending document

Ultramodern factory  

Within the ‘Smart Bending Factory’ field lab, a physical ultramodern metal machining factory is being constantly updated. In this factory, companies share expertise, experience and resources for the joint operation of machining processes. Customers can order fully digitalized products online, with the assurance that one product costs the same individually as it would within a series of 500.

Would you like more information about the Smart Bending Factory? Just contact us via or +31 315 270 375. We are happy to help!