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With Sophia® you can easily and quickly order your tailor-made products at 247TailorSteel. With its many functionalities, Sophia® (SOPHisticated Intelligent Analyzer) represents the latest generation of software.

Sophia® works with artificial intelligence, which controls the production and logistics. This is how she generates laser-cut metal plates, tubes and bent products in a jiffy. All this, without human interference. Business customers can use the online tool 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Save costs and time

  • A quote in less than 1 minute
  • Orders start at 1 item
  • Request quotations, place orders and receive a breakdown of your costs 24/7
  • Access to more than 50 types of material
  • Laser cutting and bending in one order

Average delivery time: From 2 business days*

*With laser-cut sheets via Sophia®

How to place order in Sophia®

Upload a 3D drawing of your product to Sophia® and you will receive a detailed quote within 60 seconds. With all possible materials, delivery times and prices, and without having to calculate it yourself. Day or night.

Full control over the delivery date

With each quote you have control over the delivery date. Sophia® automatically calculates the earliest possible delivery date but she can just as easily deliver on a date when you need the products. This means you don’t need to store the customized products for an unnecessarily long period of time.

High delivery reliability

We maintain our delivery reliability of 99.70% by continuing to innovate in the efficiency of our logistics process. We do this using our own vehicle fleet with state-of-the-art planning software and with the use of AVG and robots to control material supply and delivery. Your advantage? We deliver on the agreed delivery date.

STEP, DXF and DWG files

Sophia® can handle the file formats most often used in the metal industry. You will see a 3D example once you have added a file to your quote. You can also easily view files from previously placed orders.

Assembled product is automatically recognized

Do you want to have a product laser cut and that product has multiple parts? And uses pipes, tubes and plates? Sophia® automatically recognizes this and gives you the opportunity to cut and bend all (or some) of these in one go.

Laser cutting and bending in one order

Have all the operations performed in one order by Sophia® and 247TailorSteel. You will then receive your fully customized product. The finishing or deburring of cut sheet material is also an option.

Acces to more than 50 types of material

Sophia® gives you access to a large stock of sheet and tube material. This means you no longer have to buy and keep stock of these yourself. Removing production waste then becomes a thing of the past. You will receive the product tailor-made at your desired location.

Customers talk about Sophia®

More than 20.000 companies around the world already use Sophia®

  • 247TailorSteel - Wopereis

    Tom van Lent


    “247TailorSteel functions as an extension of our production. Because of the intensive collaboration, we can keep less material in stock and still be able to quickly supply our customers.”

  • 247TailorSteel - Staja

    Chris te Stroet


    “In addition to laser cutting, I can also have bending done by 247TailorSteel. The extensive services fit excellently with our products and Sophia® is very user-friendly.”

  • 247TailorSteel - Albar

    Rik van Raai


    “Ordering products at 247TailorSteel is easy and accessible. We determine our moment of delivery, which keeps the schedule entirely in our own hands.”

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