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Hoogwaardig digitaal proces

Premium digital process

At 247TailorSteel, the considerable benefits of digitalization and guaranteed premium quality are key to our operations. Sophia®, our online tool, uses artificial intelligence to direct production and logistics.

24/7 online bestellen

Order online 24/7

Start the production of your metal sheet and tube material 24 hours per day, 7 days a week with Sophia®, the online tool.

Realtime offerte

Real-time quotes

At 247TailorSteel, the online tool Sophia® can provide you with detailed quotes in real time. She analyzes your product and designs rapidly to provide you with instant insight into the associated costs

Zeer hoge leverbetrouwbaarheid

Very high delivery reliability

247TailorSteel has complete control over logistics. Thanks to our own logistics facilities, we assure you of a fast delivery with practically 100% delivery reliability.

Flexibele aantallen vanaf 1 stuk

Flexible quantities, starting at one item

Start the production of your custom-cut metal sheet and tube material at 247TailorSteel. From as little as one item to the production of a complete series.



247TailorSteel is part of the ‘Smart Bending Factory’. In this field lab, an ultramodern, physical metal machining factory is set up, in which companies can share expertise, experience and resources for the joint operation of machining processes.

Kwalitatief maatwerk

Quality customization

Quality customization is standard at 247TailorSteel. Thanks to a fully automated production process and premium machines, we can provide you with the best possible service. 

ISO 9001-2015

ISO 9001:2015

247TailorSteel strives for innovation and perfection every day. We guarantee the highest quality standards with the required material certificates. 

Snel en efficiënt

Fast and efficient

Do you want to speed up production and save costs for an optimal and efficient end result? Then the 247TailorSteel production process is the one for you.

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