Delivery reliability

On demand. On time. This is what 247TailorSteel promises to deliver to you every day. You can rest assured that our delivery reliability is very high, at 99,7%. We guarantee speed of delivery, but even more importantly: 247TailorSteel will always deliver on the date of your choice.

Logistical advantages for you

  • Determine the delivery date yourself
  • 99,7% delivery reliability
  • Products are delivered at the precise moment required for further processing

Control over your delivery

We deliver at the time of your choice. This service may sound like an obvious one to provide, but it really sets 247TailorSteel apart. Your personal online assistant Sophia® is the driving force behind our delivery system. Director of our logistics process, she is a refined interplay between:

  • Internal automations
  • Our own fleet
  • A state-of-the-art shipping depot

Sophia® will calculate the fastest possible delivery date based on the product design that you upload. Yet our process is so fast, there is every chance that this delivery would be too soon for you, in which case you can choose a delivery date yourself that is more in line with your expected processing schedule. Constant analysis of this system’s data indicates that we achieve delivery reliability of almost 100%. Experience it for yourself and join the thousands of companies before you.  

Meet Sophia®

Control over your delivery with Sophia®
Our own logistics fleet

Our own logistics fleet

Our very own fleet also plays a part in guaranteeing our 99.7% delivery reliability rate. By keeping the links in the logistics chain as few as possible, the number of factors that could cause delays is reduced. The fleet is supported by high-tech planning software, which helps to plan efficient routes. Our drivers will deliver your customised metal sheets and tubes on the date that you requested. In some cases, delivery within two business days might be an option. Even orders for long-distance destinations (in Germany) are delivered to the desired location quickly. Small orders are typically delivered to you within two business days via GLS. Of course, you also have the option to pick up your order yourself.

Automated internal logistics

Automated internal logistics

The internal logistics facilities at 247TailorSteel are innovative and, what’s more, highly automated. Factory automation means we can reach the best possible end result for you quickly and efficiently. Our automated guided vehicles, or AGVs, are a good example of this automation. Your order is scanned by the control panel of a laser cutting machine. The order contains information regarding the type of material and thickness. The AGV drives to the location of the required material, where it is loaded. It then drives back to the machine in question, where a LiftMaster places the sheet material on the machine’s cutting bed.

Unlimited capacity and space


Flatbed lasers *

TRUMPF TruLaser laser cutter


Tube Lasers *

Adige tube lasers

* Locations Varsseveld, Oyten, Hilden and Langenau

We will always have the capacity for your order, regardless of its size or complexity. Our range of machinery and the number of production locations is constantly expanding. We consider this a vital investment for us to continue guaranteeing such high delivery reliability for you. And as previously stated: Sophia® processes, directs and monitors your required productions and their deliveries. 

24/7 laser cutting and edging thanks to Sophia®

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