Tube lasers

This laser technique applied to tubes and cylinders creates new design options. As a result, these productions are used in many industries – from machine and plant construction to the furniture industry. More and more manufacturers are opting for the benefits of laser-cut tubes and cylinders. Discover the comprehensive solutions that our Adige tube lasers offer you. 

Adige laser tube-cutting machines

At 247TailorSteel we currently have 18 Adige tube laser cutting machines in use. These are:

  • CNC-controlled
  • Very fast
  • Particularly accurate

And most importantly: they are running continuously. This means they are at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.




Tube Lasers *

Adige tube lasers

* Locations: Varsseveld (NL) and Langenau (DE)

Type: Adige Lasertube LT8.10

Laser technique:  Fiber

Minimum diameter of tube: ⌀20 mm

Minimum diameter of cylinder: 20x20 mm

Minimum wall thickness of steel:  1,50 mm

Minimum wall thickness of stainless steel: 1,00 mm

Maximum length: 8 m

Want to have these tube lasers work for your production?

The link between you and the 247TailorSteel tube lasers is online software Sophia®. Thanks to artificial intelligence, she can have the tube lasers work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without human interference. User-friendly and with continuous insight into costs, she is the ideal plug-and-play extension of your production process.

Plug-in machinepark

Why use 247TailorSteel tube lasers?

  • No high investment costs
  • No depreciation on expensive tube lasers
  • No loss of space in your production hall
  • No high training costs for personnel

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