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Stainless steel

At 247TailorSteel, you can have your stainless steel products tailor made. Stainless steel is a refined metal. Also called inox, stainless steel is an alloy that is resistant to corrosion in many environments. Would you like to laser cut, bend or deburr your stainless steel products? We have various types of stainless steel for you in stock, such as cold-rolled stainless steel, hot-rolled stainless steel, polished grain, foiled stainless steel, and surface-rolled stainless steel with a certain surface structure. You can also have stainless steel sheet and tube material for salt or acid environments be machined at 247TailorSteel.

You can have stainless steel be custom cut, bent and deburred with our ultramodern, premium machine park. View the overview of materials for the various types of stainless steel.

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Start right away with ordering tailor-made stainless steel products from 247TailorSteel, and receive a detailed quote in real time. You are assured of a fast delivery with practically 100% delivery reliability. Ordering tailor-made products, day or night, has never been easier!

You have reviewed the various material types but you don’t see your desired material among them? Just contact us to discuss the possibilities. 

Overview of sheet materials >>

Overview of tube materials >>

Advantages of stainless steel

  • Strong material
  • Can be machined well
  • Painting or powder coating is not necessary
  • Resistant to corrosion

Machining with stainless steel



Laser cutting

Laser cutting is a very precise, quick and favorable machining technology for metal tube material.

Laser cutting

Laser cutting is a very precise, quick and favorable machining technology for metal sheet material.


Smart engineering and the latest generation of bending machines make smart bending possible. Thanks to techniques such as automatic tool change, error margins are minimized.


Deburring is a machining technology used to round off corners and deburr laser cut products. Premium grinders are used for this purpose.

Perfect parts:

Product 22
Product 21
Product 20
RVS silkening 3
RVS silkening 2
RVS silkening 1
 RVS press brake bending 2
 RVS press brake bending 1
RVS laser cutting 3
RVS laser cutting 2
RVS laser cutting 1
  • 'I can even order from 247TailorSteel outside normal working hours. Their online tool, Sophia, is available 7 days a week, day and night.'

    Thomas Tolkamp, Catapult Metal

  • 'Short delivery times are very important in our sector. We regularly deal with emergency deliveries and 247TailorSteel meets that challenge excellently.'

    Martijn van Beckhoven, Metalage

  • 'When we want to order laser-cut sheet material, we upload our file in Sophia. 247TailorSteel then takes the work off our hands.'

    John Reessink, Reessink Metall

  • 'In addition to laser cutting, I can also have bending done by 247TailorSteel. The extensive services fit excellently with our products and Sophia is very user-friendly.'

    Chris te Stroet, Staja

  • '247TailorSteel thinks with us in unexpected situations so that we can quickly switch gears. An agreement is an agreement and the production is solid as a rock.'

    Leon Bulten, Gunnebo

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