Press brake or swing beam bending?

19-01-2017 News

There are a variety of machining methods that can be used to bend metal sheets. At 247TailorSteel, high-quality press brake machines are the preferred choice selected over a range of options available for metalworking. 247TailorSteel explains:

Bending (Press brake)

Bending with a press brake is a technique that permanently forms a product. By forming the metal, the flat parts are re-shaped by bending the product between a set of tooling, therefore the robustness of the structure is enhanced. Bending with a press brake is a very precise machining technique, not only from the technical aspect but aesthetically,  the end product is more appealing; an interesting operation because no welding seams are visible.

Swing beam bending

When the swing bending technique is chosen, the metal product is clamped between the lower beam and upper beam and the creased by the folding beam. With this technique, a portion of metal product  is positioned outside of the machine and the swing beam folds the part until the correct result is achieved.  This technique greatly reduces the risk of metal damage because the bending force is applied to surface of the material. Swing beam bending  is very accurate and the bend angle can be adjusted as desired. This processing technique can be used quickly and efficiently.

LVD press brakes

247TailorSteel has four LVD press brakes. These innovative press brake machines are fully CNC controlled with high-quality programming software and thanks to automatic tool changes (ATC), error margins are reduced to a minimum.  

Personal advise!

If you have further questions about the machining methods used by 247TailorSteel or would like to know more about our services, please get in touch via e-mail at or call us @ +31 315 270 375. We will be happy to give you personal advice!

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