Specialized bending work in small or large quantities

12-07-2018 News

247TailorSteel can provide you with specialized bending work, which we often do in smaller sets, but can also produce in large quantities. For these larger volumes, our 2 PPEB bending machines are at your service. 
These bending machines are fast and efficient, without compromising any of the quality that you have come to expect from 247TailorSteel. They are ideal for creating less complex folds over large production volumes. The PPEB bending machines are also very suitable for relatively small products.
Our locations in Varsseveld and Oyten feature a total of 12 ATC bending machines as well. These bending machines are entirely CNC operated. The machines have variable angle adjustment and sheet thickness settings; error margins are minimized due to the automatic tool change (ATC). 
All tools are located in the machine and are automatically changed according to the task. The saves a substantial amount of time when switching tools and increases folding activity. The PPEB bending machines are not equipped with automatic tool change and are therefore used for the larger series (with fewer changes).
Here is a brief list of the advantages:

  • Precise positioning
  • Spring-back correction
  • Rapid loading and unloading of tools
  • Large production volumes
  • Small sets are possible

Our PPEB bending machines as well as our ATC bending machines operate for no less than 24 hours per day, 7 days a week! This is 247TailorSteel’s way of constantly striving to make both large production volumes and small sets of bending work easier and more convenient, while still guaranteeing premium quality.

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