Longer delivery times may occur starting in week 48

18-11-2020 News

Parcel delivery services expects a peak in workload from week 48 until Christmas due to an increase in online sales. This may result in longer delivery times. 247TailorSteel also uses external delivery services for smaller orders. Therefore it may occur that the small orders takes longer to be delivered than you are used to. Please keep this in mind when planning.

Avoid issues and order your products in time:

  • Parcel delivery services are busiest around the holidays (Black Friday - 27 Nov.; Santa-Claus - 5 Dec.; and Christmas - 25/26 Dec.) You can avoid these busy periods by scheduling your delivery for a quieter time.
  • We recommend ordering your product well in advance of the day that you need it
  • Including multiple products in your order if possible. This enables us to ship everything in one order, and you can rest assured that you will receive everything you need.

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