My name is Dick Eskes

“I was already over 60 when 247TailorSteel hired me. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting anyone to hire me anymore. It is incredibly difficult to find work again after my last job, which I had done for 33 years, was outsourced to a foreign country. I applied for the press brake operator vacancy. It was an entirely different field in which I had no experience, so I didn’t go into it with any illusions. To my great surprise, I was invited to an interview. We had a good, open conversation and it turned out that they were also looking for someone to work in the warehouse. 

Freedom comes with responsibility

I realized immediately that they looked at your character and motivation, instead of your age. Within a week, I was invited for a second interview and I landed the job. After a year, I received a permanent contract and I have to say, this really is exactly what I wanted. I had never worked in shifts before, but I quickly got used to it. Of course, you have a specific position, but within it, you are given a lot of freedom to work with your colleagues. And the more freedom you are given, the more you feel a sense of responsibility. This allows you to develop your own initiatives and to get things rolling. These might be very simple things, like looking for a way to make order picking easier. That’s probably because it is a rather new business as well. And some colleagues, specifically the younger ones, had never worked in a warehouse before they started here. So having some staff with warehouse experience under their belts is useful. In that case, my age and background are advantageous. A good balance between young and old—the business will only be better for it. 

Known for delivery reliability

In a nutshell, this what the work is like: the cut and bent products are delivered to the warehouse. There they are put onto shells, organized by the day they are needed. Smaller items are delivered already packaged and organized by the relevant delivery day as well. Next, we collect the orders, which often consist of multiple components. That can be a mix of pallets, boxes and envelopes. We load it all neatly onto a pallet and then the order can go to shipping, where it is booked and prepared for shipment. We are known for our delivery reliability, which often reaches 100%, and we give that our all every day. The interaction between production, the warehouse, and the shipping department is great!”

A good balance between young and old—the business will only be better for it.

Dick Eskes

Logistics Staff Member - Warehouse

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